The Coalition for Publishing Data in the Earth and Space Sciences (COPDESS) connects Earth and space science publishers and data facilities to help translate the aspirations of open, available, and useful data from policy into practice.

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Enabling FAIR Data Project

Building on COPDESS, this project implements the common policies and standards that connect researchers, publishers, and data repositories to accelerate scientific discovery by promoting open and FAIR data.

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Resources for Publishing Data

COPDESS develops and recommends best practices for journal author instructions around data and identifiers as a resource to the community.

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Community Commitments

Commitment Statements about research data and data practices help bring us together on common goals that recognize the value and give guidance on sharing and citing these important research products.

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For further information about COPDESS, please contact:

  • Kerstin Lehnert, Director Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, lehnert@ldeo.columbia.edu
  • Brooks Hanson, Executive Vice President, Science, American Geophysical Union, bhanson@agu.org

For further information about Enabling FAIR Data, please contact: Shelley Stall, Director of Data Programs, American Geophysical Union, sstall@agu.org

COPDESS is supported by ESIP. For further information about ESIP, please contact: Erin Robinson, Executive Director, ESIP, erinrobinson@esipfed.org