The Coalition for Publishing Data in the Earth and Space Sciences (COPDESS) is a collaboration among research repositories, scholarly publishers, and other stakeholders focused on jointly developing, implementing, and promoting leading practices around the preservation and citation of data, software, and physical samples that lead toward credit and reuse in the Earth, space, and environmental sciences.  ***** COPDESS FOCUS AREAS
  • Citation practices for research outputs including data, software, and samples in scientific publications
  • Best practices and resources for journal editors and staff 
  • Support domain repositories in the Earth, environmental, and space sciences
  • Connect researchers with appropriate repositories; and 
  • Improving the workflows around FAIR scientific data and software and especially for between data repository discovery, ingest and curation, and journal peer review, publication, and post-publication linking and discovery.
COPDESS was publicly launched on 15 January 2014 and included a joint Statement of Commitment signed by key publishers and repositories. The launch was announced in an article in Eos here.  In 2017, COPDESS also helped coordinate the FAIR data initiative through the Enabling FAIR Data Project, which included an updated Commitment Statement and a common set of author guidelines for publishers. COPDESS Co-Chairs: Interested in COPDESS? For general information, please contact COPDESS is hosted by ESIP; Administrative support is provided by AGU. Since 2019, COPDESS is a Collaboration Area in ESIP.