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26 April 2021 – EGU General Assembly COPDESS Meeting (TM11)

TM11 | Data sharing in the Earth and space sciences: Progress and Challenges

17:30–19:00 CEST (UTC +1) | 11:30 – 13:00 ET

Description: The international Earth and space science community has been working hard to make data sharing a common practice. During this townhall we will provide updates on the current focus areas of COPDESS -The Coalition on Publishing Data in the Earth and Space Sciences, other relevant work being led across our community, and opportunities to participate in upcoming workshops. COPDESS is currently working on challenges with data citation, software citation, supporting journal editors and staff, connecting researchers with appropriate repositories and improving the workflow between data repository ingest and curation and journal peer review.

Join us to discuss the current status, how you can get involved, and next steps we can take. https://egu21.eu

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July 2021 – ESIP 19-23 July COPDESS Cluster Meeting [Exact data and time not yet defined]

Session Title: Publishing is no longer about interactions just between publishers and researchers: data repositories are now integral to the research publication workflow

Session Short Name: Coordinating the triangle between publishers, data repositories and researchers

Session Chairs: Danie Kinkade, Lesley Wyborn