COPDESS Statement of Commitment In 2014, the Coalition on Publishing Data in the Earth and Space Sciences (COPDESS) adopted a Statement of Commitment regarding supporting and following best practices around open data. This statement included goals for journals, requiring that the data supporting published conclusions be available and deposited, whenever possible, in leading domain repositories; for repositories, to develop practices that would support publishers and data availability and quality; and for both, to support an infrastructure that would improve data curation and overall integrity in scholarly publishing. Enabling FAIR Commitment Statement The Enabling FAIR Data effort and this commitment builds on the COPDESS Statement of Commitment and provides the recommendations and guidelines for implementing the full research data ecosystem. The COPDESS community has also helped inform other efforts that have developed and promoted leading practices to foster reproducibility in the field sciences, and for software, industry-academic partnerships, presentations, and more (see and

Commitment to Enabling FAIR Data in the Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences

Publication of scholarly articles in the Earth, space, and environmental science community is conditional upon the concurrent availability of the data underpinning the research finding, with only a few, standard, widely adopted exceptions, such as around privacy for human subjects or to protect heritage field samples. These data should, to the greatest extent possible, be shared, open, and stored in community-approved FAIR-aligned repositories. Leading repositories provide additional quality checks around domain data and data services and facilitate discovery and reuse of data and other research outputs.